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Maki sushi

Sushi made by wrapping up a variety of the highest quality ingredients in traditionally prepared sushi rice and crispy nori seaweed.

These rolls will be made as uramaki - "inside-out" style (with rice on the outside) and served with wasabi and soy sauce. Choose from our classics below or ask us for your favourite if it's not listed.

Salmon and Avocado

Scottish salmon with soft avocado

Tuna and Avocado

Yellow-fin tuna with soft avocado

Spicy Tuna

Yellow-fin tuna tartare mixed with spring onion, Japanese mayonnaise and Sriracha hot sauce, and rolled with cucmber


White Snow crab and soft avocado with a touch of mayonnaise and lime


Salmon and chive tartare, soft avocado, a touch of cream cheese, and spicy mayonnaise

Veggie Crunch (v)

Soft avocado, sautéed asparagus, crunchy rocket and spring onion sprinkled with a wasabi pea crunch coating

Salsa (v)

Fresh mint, corriander, lime, vine tomatoes, cucumber and red onion with a watercress coating

Hosomaki (a range of thinner rolls with seaweed on the outside)

Fill with your choice of: asparagus, red pepper, salmon and chive, tuna, cucmber and sesame or avocado

Nigiri sushi

Slices of fresh fish rested on a small bed of seasoned sushi rice. Served with wasabi and soy sauce.


Yellow-fin Tuna

Seared "Fatty" Tuna (otoro)

Cooked Prawn (ebi)

Sweet Shrimp


Sea Bass

Sea Bream

Grilled Eel

Asparagus (v)

Spicy tuna

Crab and avocado

Razor clam


Thin slices of beautifully presented fresh fish with no added ingredients, served with wasabi and soy sauce.



Yellow-fin Tuna

Seared "Fatty" Tuna (oToro)


Sea Bass

Sea Bream

Maki selection boxes

Tuna nigiri

Mackerel sahshimi